Kathleen O'Neill

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What Critics are Saying

"Nana Jo, played by Kathleen O'Neill ... judgemental, stuborn, and totally convinced of her own righteousness. Carol Carpenter has written her expertly and Ms. O'Neill embodies her perfectly."

- Cheryl King, nytheater now - Sweet, Sweet Spirit

"Nana Jo ... excellent."

- Manhattan With a Twist - Sweet, Sweet Spirit

"Kathleen O'Neill is approprately diva-like."

- Amanda LaPergola, Theater is Easy - Dark Water 

"Then there is Blue Heron, vain, territorial, and vicious as the others of her ilk, brilliantly played by Kathleen O’Neill."

- Howard Miller, TalkinBroadway.com - Dark Water

"...confronting predatory, conniving, and dangerous enemies...
Blue Heron (an excellent Kathleen O’Neill)."
- Carole Di Tosti, blogcritics.com - Dark Water

What Others are Saying

“Not only is Kathleen O’Neill talented, but she’s generous and very professional.  She raises the bar for her fellow actors and elevates every scene to new levels.”

- John Howard Swain, Director/Producer/Actor



"Working with Kathleen is a joy. As an actress her stage power is insurmountable, bringing to life everything and more that is on the page."

- Antonio Minino, Director, Actor, Producer


"Loving, open, fun, fearless and wise."

- Carrie Kozlowski, Actor, Director


"Kathleen O'Neill is a consummate professional, be it as an actor or director. Kathleen will find a way to be honest and truthful in her work, making full choices that challenge, inspire and engage the actors. She is a pleasure to work with and creatively invigorating."

- Dianna Martin, Director, Actor

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  Kathy Olsen, Manager

For bookings and inquiries: 917-710-1782

A select list of credits:


Law and Order: SVU (Guest Star) NBC


Clover (Helgeland/Mrs. Cronin)  

Erik Ehn/Glory Kadigan/La Mama, NYC

Insignificant (Annie Jump Cannon)

Infinite Variety Productions, NY

Sweet, Sweet Spirit (Nana Jo)

MTWorks, NY

Dark Water (Blue Heron)

MTWorks, NY

Over the River and Through the Woods (The Older)

Planet Connections 'One Acts for a Cause', New York, NY

*Neil LaBute original production

The Cherry Orchard  (Lyubov)                                 

Chekhov Festival, New York, NY


Uff Da  (Laurel Nolan )                      

F.A.C.T., New York, NY      


Collapse  (Su)                                    

Manhattan Theatre Source, NY

NYC Fringe Festival


The Greeks  (Clytemnestra)                          

Imua! Theatre Co., New York, NY


Miss Margarida's Way  (Miss Margarida)    

New Theatre, Coral Gables, FL


Cat's Paw  (Jessica Lyons)  

New Theatre, Coral Gables, FL


The Conduct of Life*  (Olympia)     

Hispanic Festival/S.E.A.T., Miami, FL

*Winner-Hispanic Festival - Best Supporting Actor


One Minute to Midnight (Supporting Lead)         

Curtain Productions/Lawrence Curtain

The Separation (Lead)  NYU

Miles Apart (Lead)           

LCA Productions, New York, NY